Sandi Kimmel takes her job as a Joy Maker very seriously. She uses every tool in her toolbox - her music, her voice, her writing and her heart - to introduce people to their own spiritual nature.

A natural uplifter and chronicler of the inner journey, Sandi delivers universal messages of love and unity, leading readers and listeners to a sense of inner peace. An advocate for wellness and spiritual growth, her music, teaching and writing awaken a deep knowing of our innermost Self.

Sandi’s newest album
SOUL FEATHERS is a collection of 12 new songs and chants to uplift and inspire, recorded by Producer and Musical Alchemist Thomas Barquee. Internationally known for his work with World Sacred Music artist Snatam Kaur, and British soul/R&B singer-songwriter Seal, Thomas infused Sandi’s music with a whole new sound, blending her folk and pop roots with Indian spices, supported by an amazing group of world-renowned musicians. Moving seamlessly between a broad range of musical styles, their collaboration is both timely and timeless. Together they created a new kind of chant they call Chantscapes - English words with mesmerizing music - combining the quality and depth of kirtan with the accessibility of Western music.

In addition to SOUL FEATHERS, Sandi’s earlier albums (TRANSITIONS - Music to Soothe the Soul, MUSIC IN MY SOUL and REACH UP) are considered soundtracks for the spiritual journey, filled with musical messages of discovery, wisdom and wonder.

Sandi left a successful…and stressful… corporate career determined to follow her heart instead of her head. After a process of discovering who she ISN’T, she found her own calling as a teacher of all things that help people find their dreams. Along the way, she taught Yoga for the Reluctant, and meditation and stress reduction classes to thousands of people. As a hospice volunteer, she shared her music and her heart to connect with her patients, learning more about life by learning about death. She is writer of true stories of her sometimes bumpy path using humor and insight to light the way for her readers. Her writing is peppered with nuggets of wisdom gleaned from years of navigating her own way. Sandi's Soul Feathers Guides are e-courses on Practical Spirituality, filled with tools for the journey including perception-changing experiential exercises.

Sandi’s concerts, called An Evening of Spirit, Story & Song, are gatherings of like-minded people who come together to celebrate, deepen and connect. Using the universal language of music as the catalyst, these transformative events are uplifting, energizing and meaningful. A shift, an opening, a release. Feelings felt, friendships forged, faith renewed.

Together with her husband, artist Patrick J. Murphy, Sandi created HEART WIDE OPEN - Self-Care for Caregivers, a unique handbook filled with tips to help people come back into balance. As former hospice volunteers, they poured their love into a little book that now supports tens of thousands of clergy, support centers, hospitals, hospices, volunteer organizations and caregivers of every kind. Patrick and Sandi founded Sterling Heart, a company dedicated to making positive change in the world through heart-centered music, programs, products and services.



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