“We rejoice and are exceedingly glad to have listened to Sandi Kimmel's fourth studio album! On 12 new songs and chants, she demonstrates how everyday spirituality can be practiced with intention, attention, and joy. Thomas Barquee produced and arranged this exquisitely realized album on which he mixes Kimmel's folk and pop roots with a host of other musical genres. These stylistic shadings give SOUL FEATHERS a global sound which is at once both ancient and modern.” - Spirituality & Practice, Frederic and Mary Ann Brussat

“I must say SOUL FEATHERS is more than wonderful! A producer is an alchemist who can take the raw materials of songs and transform them into pure gold. Thomas Barquee and Sandi Kimmel have conspired to create an incredibly beautiful CD of music that will uplift, inspire, entertain and soothe.This is truly magnificent music.” - Benedetta L.

“Each time I listen the music further permeates my being. This is a treasure trove of energetic music that soothes, encourages, stimulates, reassures, grounds…” - Suzanne K-J

"I listen to it over and over and over again. It is the only thing that calms me..." - Kathy L.

“I gifted SOUL FEATHERS to my yoga instructor and she played "May I" during savasana today!! And in her thank you note to me, she said, "thank you so much for introducing me to our local treasure, Sandi Kimmel. I love her music and will listen often!” - Terry A.

“I listened and enjoyed the music all the way to work, and I kept listening and it gave so much joy, and takes me to a very deep state of self-connection and reflection. The beautiful, blissful and inviting energy in this work makes all of my cells dance! Thank you, Sandi Kimmel, for being such a clear channel of divine grace and inspiration. I can’t wait to have this release to share it with everyone!!!” - Lupita H.

“I am so delighted that the Universe has blessed you with this new collaboration with  Thomas Barquee… the record sings of the magic of this partnership….the arrangements and clarity of production are a delightful to hear, and they frame your words and work with a renewed beauty. I look forward to sharing your music with my patients and in particular an Alzheimer’s caregiver support group I facilitate…I know it will bring much healing to these “Unsung Heroes”… Hard to tell you which are my favorites on the CD, but today, my favorites are:  “Just for Today” (LOVE the arrangement) and  the words of the prayer “May I”. May this new partnership bring your music and grace to more and more and more people, in our world which so sorely cries out for such soul healing. - Lynn E.

“Your music is like mantras, once I hear them they just keep on ringing in my head. Ancient and modern at the same time. Your songs are simple yet have so much wisdom in it. I feel that most of them are speaking to me directly and are very healing for me. It is like this beautiful gentle voice softly reminding me what is important and what to focus on.” - Jean T.

"SOUL FEATHERS is beautiful! I listen to it each morning...it is my new fave to get and keep myself centered and balanced...no matter what is going on around me!" - Olivia M.

"It is without question the strongest musically that you've ever done. The production is amazing. There are little bits layered in several places that were magical." - Michael K.

"This CD is magical, mystical and spirit-connected in a way few things we create can ever reach. You have managed to transcend the dimensions with this one." - Dalene E.

“I drove around yesterday and today, listening to your CD...thinking with each song, "This is my favorite!" ...that is, until I listened to the next song and thought, "NO, this is my favorite."....and by the end of the first go around, I realized that each of them touches me differently and deeply. I cried as I kept re playing Forgiveness... Really lovely...really a gift to the world. The music, the voice, the lyrics, the cover, EVERYTHING about this CD oozes a high vibration of love...Thank you for sharing this with all of us.” - Sandi S.

“I've had it on repeat constantly since my copies came on Thursday! This is some of the most soul deep, powerful, healing music (blessing, prayer, divine message?...I truly don't know what words to use that will adequately describe the experience of these melodies and lyrics) I've ever experienced...I am in AWE! And so filled with love and gratitude for you and your sharing of your wonderful gift.” - Matt O.

“Received SOUL FEATHERS! You have hit it out of the Park with your Uplifting Words, Music, Wisdom and Inspiration to ALL, no matter what Our Journey is at this time!!” - Andrea G.

“I had the great JOY of listening to Soul Feathers this morning! What a masterpiece! Your love permeates every note, wishing you much success with this album…” - Melissa S.

“I listened to your new CD and I love it! You can certainly tell it was created from a beautiful place of love. After only listening once, I’m not sure which song is my favorite – I actually like them equally! And I’m anticipating one or two “rising” to the top as I listen more.” - Tami B.

“SOUL FEATHERS takes flight! Wow. This is amazing. Every song has a message. Each one is a hit in it's own regard. I love all the instruments, some of the different sounds. Incredible. This is a yet another level ... Gorgeous gorgeous.” - Victoria B.

“Fabulous! From the production and great sound and songs to the covers and cover art... I wish “Take Me Home” and “Divine Feminine” could be engrained in the minds and hearts of all the world leaders, and any of the rest of us that still don't get it!” - Joe M.

“WOW!  I finally got the time to listen to your CD today and it was wonderful!!  SO quality.  I'm very impressed.  You're voice was beautiful and the instrumentals were exquisite!  And of course your words were very pivotal.  My favorites were “Take Me Home,” “Just for Today,” “Unsung Heroes” - this would be a great theme song for the Wounded Warrior Project organization, and “Forgiveness” - we can all relate to this one.” - Melissa B.

“Sandi Kimmel's new release SOUL FEATHERS....a truly refreshing treat for healing the weary body, mind, and soul! Can't stop listening to it! So blessed to have her beautiful voice to calm and comfort!” - Linda R.

“All my life I have happily been able to say “No. Actually never,” when someone asked me the question “Have you never been mellow?” or I heard the song.Then this week I purchased Soul Feathers on iTunes and listened to it, more than once, from first to last.  And now, if anyone asks me that question I will have to answer ‘well, yes, just once.” The singing is, of course, getting better and better; the arrangements are the most complex and fitting that I’ve heard on any of your albums… I have now had the experience of feeling mellow. - Bob S.

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